Neil McWilliam Violins
Unit 8, 22 Mansfield Street, Glasgow, Scotland G11 5QP GB
Phone: +447944644662 Website: neilmcwilliamviolins.com

​Neil McWilliam Violins​

violin maker

Neil McWilliam is a maker of fine violins, violas and cellos.  

He studied at the Newark School of Violin Making graduating in 2011. Having competed his studies at Newark he worked in a violin workshop in Cambridge for the following three years, gaining experience in repair and restoration of stringed instruments of the violin family. In 2014 he decided to return to his native Scotland, setting up his own studio in Edinburgh. Where he carries out repair and restoration work on instruments, bow rehairing, as well as continuing to make his own instruments.

Neil takes inspiration for his work from the classical Italian masters of the 17th and 18th centuries. He takes every opportunity to study the works of makers such as Stradavari, Amati, Guarneri, Bergonzi, Guadagnini to name but a few. Traveling far and wide to view these masterpieces of violin making. And believes it is essential to do so as to gain a valuable insight into these instruments. 

He is passionate about using traditional design techniques, hand tools and the craft of violin making. But also keeps up to date with the latest research into acoustics and varnish. Never before has so much information been available. 

Using only the finest hand selected traditional tonewoods, sourced from throughout Europe. Slowly air dried and seasoned over many years.  He makes his own oil varnishes and pigments to century old recipes. And is constantly experimenting and tweaking to improve these. 

He also repairs and restores stringed instruments of the violin family. Using only the proper techniques and materials. Ensuring that the work carried out is stable and reversible, and where possible preserving the original wood and varnish.

Neil McWilliam Violins
Unit 8, 22 Mansfield StreetGlasgow, ScotlandG11 5QPGB
Phone: +447944644662 Website: neilmcwilliamviolins.com